Earth to Dave! (E2D!)

Musings from a warped mind…

The key to (Dave’s) happiness…

“So what’s the deal, Dave? Why are you always so…happy?”

Some people who have come to know me have asked me that question. You may be wondering that yourself. It’s a fair question and deserves a fair answer. But first, I must warn you: I MIGHT have to get…*GASP!!!*…SERIOUS…for a moment.

First of all, I’m not ALWAYS happy. Heck, I can be downright grouchy at times. Just ask my (fabulously babe-a-licious) wife. I’m no different than you in that regard. I might even go so far as to say that I’m not…(motioning you to come closer)…(whispering): perfect. Yep, you heard it here.

But the secret to living a life of joy resides in one thing: a relationship with God. Wait! Don’t run! I’m not a wacko! Okay wait, yes I am. But not THAT kind of wacko. I am NOT a member of the “Spiritual SWAT Team”. I will NOT beat you over the head with a Bible. (I might BEAT you at ping-pong though).

I believe that the best way to be a witness to the amazing life-transforming power of a relationship with God is to simply LIVE DIFFERENT. (My sisters have always used that term to describe me: Different). My (Canadian) wife cannot properly pronounce the word “different”–“DIFFERNT”–but that’s another story. Anyway, a relationship with God has allowed me to be joyful in the midst of the hard times—despite my circumstances.

At the risk of sounding “preachy”, don’t ever allow “the church” or even “Christians” to taint your view of “religion”. If you want an honest look at what all this means, study the life of Christ. He’s the guy who got it all RIGHT…and we “Christians” tend to get it more WRONG than RIGHT at times. But rest assured that despite man’s shortfalls, God loves each one of us regardless of ourselves.

So how does one get this “relationship” with God? It’s pretty simple, and the best way I know of is to show you some pictures, because my simple mind likes pictures anyway (I always did the book reports on “picture books”. My College professors were consistently impressed).


(God created Man for a relationship. Nothing stood in the way of that).


(When Man sinned, he turned his back on God…)


(…and in so doing, the relationship was cut off by the “trash” of sin. DEATH would be the price to pay.)


(In order to re-establish the relationship, God had a plan…)


(Even though man had cut himself off from God through sin, God sent his own Son to come into our world…)


(He would clear away the “trash” of sin that separated Man from God. But how??)


(Through the DEATH (the price) of God’s own SON, Jesus Christ. The payment was made in full. He paid the “bail” for the imprisoned sinner…you and me.)


Jesus not only died for our sins and paid OUR price, He rose from the dead three days later. Sound crazy? Throughout the course of history, skeptics have set out to prove this is all a big fairy-tale. Guess what? NONE have succeeded. In fact, the evidence is so overwhelming, that the very skeptics who set out to DISPROVE this historical fact have concluded that it IS a fact. (Still skeptical? Get the book “Letters from a Skeptic” by Greg Boyd, or “The Case for Christ”, by Lee Strobel…both for and by skeptics).

So, we now have available the RELATIONSHIP with God, but He won’t shove Himself down your throat. There’s nothing tricky about it. Just pray and tell God you accept the gift and want to invite Jesus to be Lord of your life. Tell Him you’re sorry for your sins and thank him for paying the price for them. It’s that simple!

You have to ACCEPT the gift. I have…How about you?

God is so amazing…he’s indescribable!  The best description I’ve ever heard comes from the late Dr. S.M. Lockridge.  Watch the video below to hear it in his own voice:

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You too can come to know a joy like you’ve never known before. Don’t worry…it won’t make YOU a dork. I was born this way (ask my sisters).

God bless,