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Okay, where did Dave go?? Hello? Anyone home?

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I know what you’re thinking.

Dave must have died.  There are cobwebs on this site.

The truth of the matter is that I am not dead.  And those cobwebs? Those are on your monitor.  (You really should think about cleaning that thing.  There is peanut butter on the “S” and “;” keys and some dried soup under that space bar thingie).

Actually, I have a good reason why I’ve been, well, “gone”.

It’s this guy:

See, back in the day, I kinda thought he was creepy.  I know, I know, clowns are supposed to be “FUN”.  But the truth of the matter is, they’re SCARY.

So there, I was, minding my own business, not bothering anyone, being interviewed for Newsdave, when all of a sudden “Ronald” (if that’s his real name) just plopped down beside me.  What do you do when a scary clown just plops down next to you?

I guess my facial expression says it all.

So it’s been two years of therapy and I’m starting to come around.  Clowns are still SCARY but my therapist “Phillip” helped me realize that “inside every clown is a Holly Hobby trying to get out”.

Yes, that’s right, “Holly Hobby”.

Can you think of anything less threatening?  I mean look…she doesn’t even show her face.  That’s definitely non-threatening.  Now I’ve had people tell me that what is under that Holly Hobby hood isn’t pretty, but I like to live in ignorance.  Plus I bet she doesn’t have clown makeup on.  (Everyone knows they couldn’t afford clown makeup in the prarie days.  Duh.)

So here I am.  Back in action.  Ready to take on the world.  I even drove by a McDonalds the other day without breaking out into a cold sweat.

So buckle up, hang on and prepare for more.  “More what??!” you might ask.

It doesn’t matter.  It’s just “more” so pipe down.  (Sorry, the therapist has been working on my being more assertive.  It’s a weird byproduct of the clown therapy.   So like I said, sit down and shut up.  Wow, I really feel better!)

Thanks for stopping by.  Now pull forward to window 2.  Your Happy Meal (sans clown toy) is ready.



Comment by WavatarDave Van Wert

August 29, 2012 @ 8:17 pm

Glad that you’re back fighting crime and keeping America safe Buddy!

Riding dirt bikes might just be the best form of therapy known to man, so when you can get away let me know and we will go and play in the dirt.

Dave Van Wert


Comment by WavatarNancy Dowell

August 30, 2012 @ 3:05 pm

Hi Dave, I don’t know if you received a message from me previously, but I feel you need to know how one of your photos made someone else’s life so much brighter. My Dad clipped the photo of the young girls in the tube on the water, with the cat leaping out, and put it in a frame. He had found it on the corner of a magazine cover. He told me he laughed out loud every time he looked at it, and so did I, and many other people. I found the same photo online and made it his screen-saver, where he could enjoy the enlarged image. I was able to do this just before he passed away last July, and I felt I gave him a wonderful gift. So thank you for your gift of laughter that meant so much to my Dad, and to me.

Nancy Dowell


Comment by WavatarEarth to Dave!

September 2, 2012 @ 7:12 am

Wow Nancy…thank you so much for the great comment. I am sorry to hear about your loss! I am watching my father’s health deteriorate and it’s awful. I’m humbled to think that my (weird and twisted) humor gave him a smile. In fact, I’m HONORED. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. My desire is always to brighten someone’s day—even if for just a moment—and let God’s love flow in.

Thanks again. You brightened MY day! 🙂



Comment by WavatarGarry Bopp

September 12, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

Hi, Dave … or should I say “Hi, Captain”! How’s the Mad Dog treating you? Hope you’re enjoying those 10 hour layovers after being called out on reserve! It will all be worth it one day when you’re as old as me and can fly Int’l trips … life is pretty good right now!

Hi to the family and greet Ronald if he stops by. OOPS, probably a few more sessions of therapy will be required since I mentioned that name.



Comment by WavatarEarth to Dave!

September 14, 2012 @ 9:47 pm


Always great “hearing” from you. Thanks for bringing to mind my “juniority”, lack of schedule, crummy trips and short layovers. But hey, I get to fly with my favorite Captain every trip, so I’m loving it!

Thanks for mentioning the clown. Now I have to schedule more time with “Phillip”.

I’d write more but I’m on a 9 hour layover. Enjoy Dusseldorf. I’m in Tulsa.

Thanks for writing!



Comment by WavatarSwaginthebag

June 6, 2013 @ 9:51 pm

Where are ya dave?

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