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Yeah, that’s right, we bad.

Filed under: Mindless Musings... — Earth to Dave! at 7:40 am on Sunday, July 11, 2010

The other day, I was out working in the yard and some neighborhood kids passed by on their bikes.  They stopped in front of the house (also the Earth to Dave! world headquarters) and began to point and laugh.  “Probably Earth to Dave! fans” I thought, but then I realized they weren’t laughing WITH me but rather…AT….me.

Looking around, I didn’t see anything particularly funny.  But then I realized something.  The little punks were laughing at my “outdoor work attire”.

Personally, I knew I was stylin’.  The poor twirpy kids, however, needed some help realizing that.  The truth is that I, Dave, am, well, BAD.  That’s right, I’m bad.  Don’t mess with me or I’ll run over you with my Toro Timecutter Z380 zero-turn mower (Attn: Toro Marketing Department. If you would like to pursue an Earth to Dave! sponsorship, please contact my people).

So in an effort to change the public perception of us Dads, the Earth to Dave! production team has created a public-service marketing video that is “culturally relevant” to today’s younger generation.   Watch the video and know that we Dad’s are BAD:

So next time you see me in the yard with my black socks and flip-flops on, think twice before you mess with me.

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